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That build up and the punch line that finishes it off is hilarious!

Brilliant, in more ways than one

I can spend all day commenting on the artistic style and overall layout, that much is obviously great. However, the writing and poetic rhythm is frikin awesome!! Really well-done, although i have no idea whats going on (or what will happen) but thats irrelevant...erm, that murder of crows turning into war is awesome...very good! :D

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crazy underwater marine! when will you learn! :D

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Oh dear...

Allow me to summarise tjhis game in a very relevant meme/phrase
Son, I am dissapoint
What made the first two memorable (and in my opinion, the best) was that they were neither a game nor an animation, it was simple, it was revolved around the witty sardonic and intellegent humour, and all it took was jumping off a platform!
This just reverts the formula, impossible, repetitive levels, all the wit is now meme based (not amused) you cant fix what is not broken

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Nicely presented, and it plays good and smooth, the killing is satisfying, and that is AWESOME :D

But what really makes this awesome, is the sniping (watching the bullet travel makes me smile) and the voice actor sounds like Steve Blum, which is double sweet!!

A sequel is needed!! with the ability to take cover and more tactical choices into the missions!! thanks again :D

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Oh, how i want to love this game

First of all, i still remember playing the first way back, when my knowledge of punk music was from Tony Hawk games and the few CD's my brother possessed. alas, look how ive grown! and so has this game!

The amount of content is staggering, the first few minutes were roaming around it, looking at all the things i could do beyond those damn locked icons...several mins in, still locked....20 mins not one fucking thing unlocked! And i point the finger of blame at the frustrating mini game!! ugh, apart from that, creating the songs itself is incredibly accessible, overwhelming at first but is easily taimed....but is doused by the mini game, the unlockables and customisation is awesome aswell...but is doused by the mini game!!

Dont get me wrong, excellent game!! and the amount of effort and patience put in is admirable, but it just made me think of the first :( it used to be about the music man!!!

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A messy orgy of sound, sight and...smell? there is so much going on yet it never feels out of control or terrible. In short...just wow!!

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Thank God for a repeat button

Its the same thing over and over again, but it grows on you. Quickly. The build up to the end is friggin awesome!!! :D FEELIN GOOD!!!

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Catchy and works extremely well!!! congrats!! i recommend doing some more :D

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very good :D but...

..all i can think of when looking at this, is a hunter fitness program

Well, then here is your first reply

The absense of a foreground element made me think it was a lazy attempt at...something. But then i realised i just performed a trade-marked 'dick-move' and realised it was an experiment...That went down very well!! I say you should use it more often and make something of it :D!!!

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